Rural Social Compaign

Rural Social Campaign by Rural Marketing Agency In Noida

Rural Social Campaign means the use of rural marketing principles and techniques to advance a social cause, idea or behaviour. It is not like commercial marketing where social marketing is done for a specific product or service. Social Rural Marketing Campaigns for rural India is done to bring a new behavioral change among villagers. Especially for safe water, education and health entrepreneurs, social marketing is key, as potential customers are by the majority not aware of health risks linked with contaminated water and open defecation. Therefore a holistic approach is required to convince people that safe water and use of the public toilet is crucial for the health of their families and behaviour has to be changed.

What is Rural Social Marketing?

The term ‘social marketing’ was first introduced in 1971 by Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman to describe “the use of marketing principles and techniques to advance a social cause, idea or behaviour”. Changing rural behaviour means influencing a group of persons of the same ethnicity as villagers do and this is often a social and psychological process. Such rural social marketing process is not an easy task, especially not in traditional rural societies. Just spreading rational information through BTL activities are not enough for effective social marketing programs for rural India. A good rural social marketing plan must have social awareness in its promotion plans achieved through BTL activities for rural areas in India. Companies who want to run rural social campaign must successfully influence certain behaviours among villagers for acceptance to their brand promotions in rural areas. Better focussed communication for rural India should be the main objective of a good rural social marketing campaign. Sometimes BTL(below-the-line) for rural areas make use of regional stars for regional rural social campaigns for more effective penetration of brands in rural areas.

Why Yuva Communication?

Yuva Communication has a core competency in rural and social marketing with expertise in BTL activities. Yuva Communication has done several campaigns for rural social changes across India such as safe water, open defecation, child education. With the aim to serve the best rural social marketing campaign Yuva Communication has become one of the top and best company for BTL activities and brand activation in rural India for rural. Yuva Communication can help companies looking for the Rural Social Marketing Agency In Noida to run a social marketing campaign in rural India because of our social marketing skills and strategy to address all social issues and concerns through BTL activities in rural India.

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