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About the Book Writing Workshop in Noida, Delhi Ncr

There are many people out there who have the desire to write a book, but only a few people get the right direction and mentor-ship to execute their plans. We help you get the right guidance and all the ingredients to improve your book writing skills.

This workshop will help you understand the nitty gritties of writing a book and constructing intriguing stories for the reader. We will provide you with attributes like Story Structure, Viewpoint, Character Building, Conflict, Suspense, Mystery, dialogue and scene by scene construction which are must-haves in any book that aspires to be the best seller.

Additionally, you will get good exposure to put all your writings in a more structured way to create very intriguing and interesting stories that would be a delight for any reader. Here are a few points to be highlighted here:

Writing: Appraising a writer’s unpublished manuscript can be a challenging task. We must understand and figure out what the publishers and readers are looking for when the give the book a read. We must understand the consumers, the mindset of the readers, the market and the reasons behind a book selling more versus the others.

Publishing: Publishing the book can sometimes be a headache when you don’t know the little details about it. We help you get the book published and let you enjoy the delight and excitement of getting your hard work and passion being printed and read by many people.

Marketing: There is no selling without marketing. We help you market the book so that the right target audience gets to know about the product. We also help create and amplify stories about the writer that will help create more buzz for the book.

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About Yuva Communication

YUVA’s end to end Book Project services includes biographies, auto biographies, fiction , non-fiction, Children books, Stories books and multi-language translation. Simply put we help you ideate, research, write, edit, publish, and market your book. Book writing services helps you in creating a personal memento and adds intellectual dimension to your personality and increases your reputation in social circle. Book writings is one of the way to tell your story in long format and engage more audience towards your topic, personality, theme, ideology or brand. But being an author or writer is not everyone’s cup of tea. If your mind is full of ideas, then we at YUVA COMMUNICATION have an expert team who is ready to transform your ideas into a marvelous book. Book writing services by Yuva Communication caters all your needs regarding your book. Our book writing service is custom made according to the needs of clients.

About the Author

Shantanu Gupta, is an Indian Author, TEdx Speaker and TV Panelist. His latest book – ‘The Monk Who Became Chief Minister’ – Biography of Yogi Adityanath, is listed as the ‘Most memorable Non-Fiction Books of 2017’ by Amazon. Shantanu has a Management education from XLRI, Jamshedpur and did his masters in Policy and Politics from Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex (United Kingdom). Shantanu has worked for a decade as a process and management consultant in many cities in India, Switzerland, Cyprus, Hungry and Israel. He has represented India in many international conferences on economy and policy, in Germany, Malaysia &  Srilanka. Before this, Shantanu has many more books like India’s Football Dream (SAGE), Uttar Pradesh, Vikas Ki Pratiksha Mein (Bloomsbury), Compilation of Prime Minister’s Man Ki Baat(Kapot Books) and Education Policy in India – Voice, Choice and Incentives (CCS).